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Namor the Submariner custom action figure

Much like my Scarlet Spider, Namor is one of those figures that has been on my workbench for years. I’d do a little, run into a technical problem, get frustrated, and start working on him again later. I’m thrilled to finally have him finished!

My favorite part of him by far, are his fish scale underoos, made using micro glitter. It was an technique I saw a customizer use to create scale mail on Aquaman, and it seemed appropriate to use it here. It’s a slow tedious process, but the results are worth it. It really has a depth and sparkle that is impossible to show in a photograph.

I’ve also been working on a throne for Namor. It’s nearly done, minus a few paint applications. I hope to finish it soon.

  1. ultragraphique said: Love his underwear!
  2. captain-fur said: It looks really good. Great job!
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